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halloween mask
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halloween masks

halloween mask pound of flesh


These were included along with the masks when I ordered from Chris
after his back went out (see below). It is what you would look like if
you were shoved into a wood chipper. Parts of you, actually.

I could not think of what to do with it, I sell masks not props. So I
put it in the family refrigerator for two weeks while I thought it over.
To my longsuffering wife's credit, not a word was mentioned. It's not
so much that the product was not unexpected, but that the contents
of my household on the whole have become so bizarre years after
launching this site that a pound of flesh in the fridge just fits right in.

Like finding a bat in a cave. Not necessarily welcome, but hardly
out of the ordinary. So... here's your pound of latex flesh.

After a brutal 2007 production season, Chris' back was out, and we were in
danger of losing an important and talented member of the mask making
community. Chris sold off a few of his existing molds, trashed others, and sold
some of the existing inventory to me (whatever I could afford at the time).

Chris recently had surgery on his back and is well on his way to a complete
recovery. Twisted Toybox will be back, but with a more manageable
number of new and existing masks and props available.

Pound Of Flesh Prop ($40.00 + $8.95 Shipping)






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