halloween mask fly
Outside has special paint work.

halloween mask fly
Side view shows the physical intracacy. This is truly an amazing mask!

halloween mask fly
Detail of "Mouth"

halloween mask fly
This is actually two masks. This shot shows the work that goes into this mask.

halloween mask fly
Artists inscription.

halloween mask fly
Artists signature and date.

Early in 2008 this site was contacted by a production company looking to purchase,
borrow or rent masks for an upcoming film "Dream Of The Romans" with Jeff Daniels.
The contact described a scene showing the character's bedroom full of a floor to ceiling
mask collection. I sent out notices to all the studio artists that participate in the site.

In true Hollywood fashion, the room was re-written into a closet. I have yet to meet
a collector that does not have his expenisve and prized mask collection out on
full display where it can be viewed and admired as often as possible. What a shame!

This was painted for that movie. There is a specially detailed paint job on it, and
Erich Lubatti sent it to me specifically to be sold on this section. Photos are not retouched.

Dream Of The Romans Fly ($250.00 + $14.95 Shipping).



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