halloween mask cadaver

halloween mask cadaver

halloween mask cadaver


This is from Twisted Toybox, and was originally sold as "Lady Cadaver".
I cannot discern a gender, in my opinion it could just as well be male. There
is also a possiblity that the mask was sold as female for sizing reasons.

After a brutal 2007 production season, Chris' back was out, and we were in
danger of losing an important and talented member of the mask making
community. Chris sold off a few of his existing molds, trashed others, and sold
some of the existing inventory to me (whatever I could afford at the time).

Chris recently had surgery on his back and is well on his way to a complete
recovery. Twisted Toybox will be back, but with a more manageable
number of new and existing masks and props available.

Cadaver Full Head Mask ($400.00 + $14.95 Shipping)



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